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A Guide to Women Competition Swimwear Market

Are you fond of taking part in water sports? If you are, then you should have competitions swimsuits which have hydrodynamic construction to maximize speed underwater. There are other swimsuits also like training swimwear. There are swimsuits available for various brands. So let’s look at different kinds of women competition swimwear available in the market

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Kinds of swimwear for women

  • Racer Elite 2 Closed backKneesuit

This is world’s most successful racing suit.It is light-weight and four-way stretch fabric creates it a more technologically advanced swimsuit. It is almost tailored to your body shape. It is available in the variety of sizes and colors. It costs £260.00.

  • Racer X Openback Kneeskin – Blue / Copper

It is developed for swimmers and its increased target compression that streamline the body and it helps you hold high into the water thus making you swim easily.

It is a specifically designed swimsuit for competitions. It costs £380.00.

  • Women’s Full body Short leg Opensuit

It is highly performing racing swimsuit which has a powerful knitted fabric that provides strong compression and durability in chlorinated water.

  • Women’s Open water full body long leg closed

This swimsuit covers your body and helps to keep stability and proper alignment during a stroke. It is designed for open race swimming.

  • Women’s carbon compression long sleeve

It is a swimsuit with the full sleeve that covers your hand and helps to protect your body from any kinds of injury and is made specifically for swimmers. Its fabric makes it comfortable to wear and enjoy the sports.

  • Women’s carbon compression Long tight

This design is made compression tight according to swimmer’s needs.It has carbon fabric which provides therapeutic compression. It helps to protect lower-body injury thus providing stability and compression.

So these were some different kinds of swimwear that come and help women to participate in water sports. They are available in wide variety of colors and sizes. There are many more swimsuits that come according to one needs.