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It is almost summer and it’s getting hot outside. Now is the time to go swimsuit shopping. Whether you are getting a bathing suit for going to the beach, or competing in a contest, there are plenty of swimsuits available at They sell all lengths and styles of both men’s and women’s swimwear for training and for professional and amateur  competitive events. There are also different accessories available for training for competitions in the water. Training gear helps when it’s too cold to go swimming or the pool you go to is not open.



Let’s take a look at the different kind of training gear they offer to cater to your needs.

YingfaStrechCordz w/Handles 5M is resistance bands that build up your arm, back and shoulder muscles for competitions. They mimic exercises out of the water to stay in shape when you cannot swim. They Can be used for lat-pulls, curls, triceps extension, and flies.

YingfaStrechCordz Long Belt w/Slider is for resistance in 25 meter pools. It has resistance on the swim out and assistance on the swim back.



Yingfa Ultimate Drag Suit traps in the water and creates resistance as you swim along. It enhances your training by using structured cups to increase resistance.

What kind of swimsuit you choose to wear for competition makes a huge difference in how well you perform. It should fit extremely well and slim to mimic the natural contours of your body. Any drag-in fit can cause you loss of time in the race.